How to Have a Smooth Visit to the Taj Mahal

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Originally Published on Aqua & Ink by Katrina Luder

The Taj Mahal may be touristy, but it’s a spot so breathtaking I’d really urge you not to miss it. My advice is to get to Agra, see the sights and leave… as Agra doesn’t really have much to offer. Here are all the facts you need to make sure your trip to the Taj runs as smoothly as possible. 

How much should I pay?
The price for foreigners/tourists to get into the Taj Mahal has recently inflated and it now costs 1,000 rupees (about $15 USD) for a one-time entrance. Make sure you get tickets from the official ticket office and no one else.

Which entrance do I use?
Tourists can only enter from the West or East Gates. I entered from the West gate and found it a smooth process. The ticket office is the big building to the left of the gate and queues at sunrise weren’t too big…… (read more here!)

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