Climbing My First Mountain: Mount Gillen, Australia

Originally Published on Wandering Wolf Child by Ashley Leonard-Jones 

I had never climbed a mountain before—at least not intentionally—so when the girls from work suggested climbing Mount Gillen I was very keen. Mount Gillen is situated just outside of Alice Springs and is 2404 ft/ 733 m in height.

As you can see pictured above, the final part of the climb is a bit of a scramble to the top; this was my favorite part as it felt like true mountain climbing and it was a new experience for me. Looking behind me was a no-go so I powered through and, once at the top, I was overcome with pride.

The area is home to many roos who seem to have no problem maneuvering this steep descent. They bounce across the rocky terrain and hop elegantly down steep surfaces. This guy pictured above watched us intently as we climbed and admired the view from his home.

One tip I will hand is to climb down before the sun sets as we ended up climbing a fair way in the dark, which was pretty difficult. If you bring a torch then bring a head-torch so you have your hands free. Because of all the rain Alice Springs has had during the winter there are now deep gullies and unsteady rocky areas.

That concludes this weeks post. I am so proud of myself for making it up this mountain and I would love to do it again, especially at sunrise. I highly recommend climbing if you are in Alice Springs as the view is unlike any other!

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