The Hills of San Francisco and Two Places You Have to See

Originally Published on The Social Girl Traveler by Jen Morilla

The city of hills. You could walk everywhere in San Francisco (SF), but people usually avoid the hills. The further you walk away from the water, the higher those hills get. Let’s just say after going the wrong way for 10 minutes and walking up four hills, I realized I was avoiding hills at all costs during my visit to SF.

A weekend trip it was. A “quickie,” I call them. I stayed with mates, so it helped on my budget. I arrived to SF on Thursday morning. I went right to Mission. I took the BART into SF—cheapest and one of the fastest ways to get into the city from SF.

I was meeting up with a mate for some lunch and work. So I was able to stick around Mission for a bit. I got to see Mission Market and I was able to visit the street fair that happens on Thursdays and Fridays with live music and great local food. From there, I went to Dolores Park and sat with some wine and my GoPro. It was the start to a perfect quickie and the end to a beautiful day.


I stayed in Russian Hill right off Union Street. So cute! Lots of little shops, cute pubs and coffee shops (expensive to say the least).

This was my first time in SF and I have to say I absolutely loved it! Maybe it was the European feel I felt. Or maybe it was the fact that Mission Market reminded me of home. Or maybe it was because I realized that people didn’t really give a crap about anything except having a good time (my kinda party).

Since I was only there for a quickie I went to the must-see places…

1. The Golden Gate Bridge: You could also hike around or to the bridge. The scenery is beautiful.

2. The Palace of Fine Arts: This was beautiful! I felt like I was in Rome with such amazing architecture! The best part is that it’s in the middle of the city so you don’t expect it to be there.

In terms of food—okay, where do I begin? Seafood and street food, wow.

I love seafood and if you do, too, then SF is where it’s at. I had some epic oysters. Also, it’s definitely one of the best cities for street food. They have a lot of food trucks. In fact, I want to say that SF is known for their food trucks. They encourage food trucks and street food as part of the culture.

Lastly, check out my two days in SF on speed!

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