Hiking The Grampians of Victoria with Hike & Seek Tours

Originally Published on Aqua & Ink by Katrina Luder

Last Sunday in Melbourne, we were finally treated to some beautiful sunshine. I was lucky enough to spend my day hiking The Grampians thanks to Hike & Seek Tours.

When you’re offered to spend the day road-tripping in a VW Kombi and then hiking to The Pinnacle to see epic views of The Grampians National Park, you can’t really say no, can you?

We were picked up at Luna Park in St Kilda at 7:15 am and hopped onboard the coolest Kombi around town. I can’t explain to you how comfy this van is. We squeezed our seven bodies into the van pretty comfortably, armed with backpacks and pillows and set off on the three-hour drive across Victoria to The Grampians. The speakers billowed out the epic Hike & Seek road-trip playlist and acted as the ultimate icebreaker before our hike. If you want to check out my other road-trip with Hike & Seek up the Great Ocean Road then click here!

Onwards & Upwards
When we arrived at The Grampians National Park, we parked up the Kombi, popped on our hiking boots and headed up the 11-km trail to The Pinnacle. This hike is enough to get the heart pumping without being so difficult that you want to stop. Every stop you make, it’s like you’re in a totally different place. From huge cliff faces to small streams, waterfalls to canyons, there’s something completely different to keep your eyes excited on every turn.

Waterfall Morning Tea
We stopped off at a stunning waterfall to indulge in the most amazing Pana-chocolate vegan goodies. Hike & Seek prides themselves on their vegan, healthy food on offer and this very much adds to their credibility as a tour. After we took a few (too many) pics at the waterfall, it was time to head on up to The Pinnacle.

The Pinnacle
The moment we were all waiting for—after a sweaty, steep last kilometer up the trail, we made it to our lunch spot and the most beautiful view we could have imagined. To get out of Melbourne and feel that fresh air was pretty revitalizing! We sat for a half an hour to eat lunch and take it all in… It felt like we were on top of the world. I find it so rewarding when you’ve sweat it out and earned the view.

The Climb Down
I don’t know about you, but I always underestimate how much my legs hurt when I hike down the other side! The steep descent was definitely making sure my derriere was perfectly peachy for eternity as my glutes got an absolute pounding! The gorgeous surroundings were still second to none, but the site of the Kombi after hiking 11 kilometers was unimaginable.

I can’t stress to you how much this trip just feels like a road trip with your mates. With no personal mode of transport and no real idea of how to get around Victoria, Hike & Seek opened my eyes up to a new way of seeing the state I’ve called home for the past year!

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