How to Spend a Few Days in Bangkok


Originally Published on Aqua & Ink by Katrina Luder

Got a few days to kill in Bangkok and not sure how to lay out your itinerary? Bangkok can get pretty crazy at times, so here are some tips from a solo-female traveler on how to spend your days whilst embracing the hectic Thai lifestyle.

Thai Massage
When they cost less than a Nandos, it would be silly not to indulge in one before your tour! Escape from the bustling city into one of many massage shops and experience the authentic Thai Massage.

Khao San Road
A bizzare, buzzing and fantastically overwhelming hub of backpackers, bars and cheap market stalls. Whether you need refreshing with a cold beer or you fancy buying a few bracelets to transform you into the ultimate traveler, Khao San road will sort you out!



Floating Markets
Just a short ride out of Bangkok, you will stumble across the hugely popular floating markets. You can sample some delicacies, purchase some sassy souvenirs and even hold a python! How ever you choose to spend your time at the markets, you’ll get an overwhelming feel for the authentic Thai life.

If you find yourself with extra time to kill and fancy getting out of Bangkok, then why not take yourself on a mini adventure to Kanchanaburi. It’s a typical Thai town that’s not explored heavily by backpacker and showcases a stunning seven-tier waterfall with crystal clear turquoise water that rivals the blue lagoons of Laos! You can either hire a scooter and explore the tropical rainforest in the peaceful town or head there on a day-long bus trip from Bangkok.

Baiyoke Sky Tower
If heights are your thing, then head up the swanky Baiyoke tower to see the stunning skyline of Bangkok way up high. If you can time it right, it’s even more perfect at sunset when the sky is filled with pinks and oranges and a silhouette of the city forms.

Muay Thai Boxing
Known as “The Art of Eight Limbs,” Muay Thai is a highly active sport that can get your heart rate pumping! Either get physical yourself and take your own class or head to the viewing platform and see a local fight! Either way you’re in for a fun and interesting experience!


MBK—Siam Square
If Khao San Road hasn’t quite satisfied your spending needs then you can shop till you drop at the MBK mall. It’s a whopping eight stories high and filled with over 2,000 shops. Just make sure you wear some comfy shoes, you’ll be there a while!

Street Food
They say the best way to see Asia is to travel as if you’re a local. And there’s nothing more local than the street food on offer in the capital. Bangkok is flooded with awesome street eats to get your taste buds tingling. Stay traditional with a pad thai or go crazy and try the delicacies of deep fried creepy crawlies! You’ll definitely find something cheap and interesting to tempt your appetite with.



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