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My curiosity feeds an impetus to travel and my travels whet an abiding curiosity. I’m a simultaneously mindful and mindless inquisitive, an adventure aficionado and an insatiably impassioned journalist with a human interest, a keen cultural curiosity and an affinity for impulsive solo-travel. I travel to write the lives of the women I meet and, in doing so, I write my own, venturing out to grow as much as my horizon allows, readily understanding that the farther I travel, the farther my horizon moves.

Henry Thoreau once told me how vain it is to sit down to write when I’ve not stood up to live. I’ve since traveled nearly 30 countries and counting across five continents. I’ve camped in the Sahara Desert with itinerant artisans, shared meals with refuged sex workers in Southeast Asia whose names I never learned but stories I’ll never forget, solo-backpacked Europe sharing couches with strangers, herded and sacrificed sheep in remote tribal villages of North Africa, protested at kissing rallies in the Middle East and danced through South America—all to cultivate adventure, learn and share.

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